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Engineering based US manufacturer/distributor of Induction, LED and Remote Phosphor LED lighting products

ECO Lighting Solutions (ECO) is an engineering based US manufacturer/distributor of Induction, LED and Remote Phosphor LED lighting products, featuring light engines produced by OSRAM-Sylvania, Philips, CREE and Bridgelux. We recognize that no single technology or product can fulfill the multitude of lighting applications that exist, and therefore we have chosen to build our Company upon diversity and flexibility gained through the use of multiple proven technologies. Furthermore, by providing our advanced energy efficient lighting solutions in either “new” fixtures or as “retrofit” kits into qualified existing housings, we gain the greatest opportunity to economically and efficiently match the right lighting technology with the mission at hand.

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ECO Block MSRP: $505.00 Add to basket
ECO Bollard MSRP: $2,100.00 Add to basket
ECO Area Overview MSRP: $550.00 Add to basket
ECO Wallpack MSRP: $550.00 Add to basket
ECO Flex Tech MSRP: $425.00 Add to basket
Cobrahead MSRP: Read More
Generic High Intensity Discharge MSRP: Read More
Acorn MSRP: Read More
ECO Bracket MSRP: $350.00 Add to basket
Yardlight (Dusk to Dawn) MSRP: Read More