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Engineering based US manufacturer/distributor of LED Lighting products and parking guidance systems

ECO Parking Technologies (ECO) is an engineering based US manufacturer/distributor of LED lighting products and parking guidance systems, featuring light engines produced by OSRAM-Sylvania, Philips, CREE and Bridgelux. We recognize that no single technology or product can fulfill the multitude of lighting applications that exist, and therefore we have chosen to build our Company upon diversity and flexibility gained through the use of multiple proven technologies. Furthermore, by providing our advanced energy efficient lighting solutions in either “new” fixtures or as “retrofit” kits into qualified existing housings, we gain the greatest opportunity to economically and efficiently match the right lighting technology with the mission at hand.

ECO Lighting Solutions Now ECO Parking Technologies!

Indianapolis, IN – January 23, 2019 – ECO Lighting Solutions announced today the immediate name change to ECO Parking Technologies (ECO Parking Tech). Formed in 2006 to serve the lighting industry through state-of-the-art US made parking garage lighting, ECO Parking Lights advanced to ECO Lighting Solutions as the company products moved beyond just parking. “With the advent of FALCON VISION, the world’s only LED Integrated Camera-based, Wireless, Object Detection Parking Guidance System, the name change to ECO Parking Technologies better describes the new direction of our organization, which is to serve the Parking Industry through Advanced Engineered Solutions in Lighting, PGS, and new advancing technologies.” Commented Jeff Pinyot, President of ECO Parking Technologies.

Many customers have already benefitted from deploying FALCON VISION Concierge Lighting, including the winner of the NPA 2018 Sustainability Project of the Year at the California State University Sacramento. FALCON VISION is also the integrated solution in the new Las Olas Parking Structure, the visual masterpiece in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

FALCON VISION is available for both new construction and renovation projects either integrated into the light fixture, or as a stand-alone system. Pinyot further commented, “With FALCON VISION, we’re delivering rich functionality through modern IoT and Cloud Native technologies.”

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See how our premiere FalconVision system integrates lighting and parking guidance.

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