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All Aboard the Money Train Express

Published Tuesday, March, 23, 2010

We all know about the horrible economy and how today, clients and prospects are holding on to their cash. Are you getting tired of hearing this: “Thank you for your bid, but our budget has been slashed for the year, and unless you can give us your product (or service), we are not moving forward with any improvements until at... more

Induction Lighting: An Old Lighting Technology Made New Again

Published Monday, January, 11, 2010

nduction lighting is one of the best kept secrets in energy-efficient lighting. Simply stated, induction lighting is essentially a fluorescent light without electrodes or filaments, the items that frequently cause other bulbs to burn out quickly. Thus, many induction lighting units have an extremely long life of up to 100,000 hours. To put this in perspective, an induction lighting system... more

Denison Light-Replacement Project Shows Expanding Base of Green Vendors in Region

Published Saturday, November, 21, 2009

Green building projects dripping with sustainable features, such as the Nature Conservancy of Indiana’s new downtown headquarters, tend to grab the spotlight. Behold its use of salvaged bricks, a carbon-quenching green roof, geothermal HVAC and wind turbines. But the green revolution is also under way in more obscure locations-parking garages, for example. Denison Parking’s ongoing replacement of about 500 lights... more

Marketing Minute – Fence Line

Published Thursday, September, 10, 2009

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get along with some people. Do you ever feel that way? I don’t know why it is; perhaps it’s a temperament or some kind of chemical thing. About 15 years ago, my wife and I built our dream home on a beautiful lot in a new neighborhood just north of... more

Marketing Minute – Manslaughter or Nice Guy?

Published Wednesday, July, 22, 2009

For many years, two customers frequented the office where I previously worked, a father and son routine that had a Mom and Pop-sized plumbing company. John, the father, and Mike, the son, would walk into the office, pass by the front desk and park themselves in Colonel Roby’s office for hours on end talking about such exciting things as refrigerant... more

Green Lighting Can Make You Money

Published Wednesday, July, 1, 2009

It has been said that you never talk religion or politics in business; both are sure to end up with poor results. Well, today, you can add one more category to the “don’t talk about it list”…. global warming! Whether you share my opinions on global warming or not, you can’t argue this: we live on this earth, and we... more

Have You Seen the Lightswitch?

Published Monday, March, 2, 2009

Ok, so we all have felt if before, that late night walk to the parking garage, a little anxious, a little nervous. Recently, I walked to my rental car parked in the historical, old town section of Las Vegas and I have to admit, I felt I was taking my life in my own hands, this with friends and family... more