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Avoiding LED Glare Bombs

Published Thursday, September, 26, 2013

Lighting engineer Nate Heiking write a great article about the need to refractors in LED lighting, just like the ones we have in our FlexTech LED fixture!   Click here for the full article.

Innovation Awards Video

Published Tuesday, September, 24, 2013

Here is the video clip that the Indiana Innovation Awards put together about us.  Check it out here!

ECO Lighting Solutions is an Award Winner!

Published Tuesday, August, 27, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Centric’s Indiana Innovation Network is proud to announce Purdue University President, Mitch Daniels as the 2013 recipient of the Excellence in Innovation Award. “In honor and recognition of Mitch Daniels’ innovative leadership and accomplishments as the 49th Governor of the State of Indiana and the focus on innovation he has placed as President of Purdue University, it... more

Enhanced ICETRON System Output

Published Monday, June, 10, 2013

Through continuous improvement and constant development, OSRAM-Sylvania has recently announced enhanced figures for the ICETRON product line.  With a rated life of 100,000 hours, the ICETRON was already the industry leader in longevity, but now, the end of life output has been increased from just below 65% to right at 75%.  Also, increased initial lumen output has been increased by... more

Delaying a Relighting Project Can Cost You Money

Published Tuesday, March, 12, 2013

Today, it doesn’t matter which of the energy efficient lighting technologies you are considering—fluorescent, domestic induction, or LED—any of those, when done right, can do the job for you. Each project stands on its own and the personality of the project will dictate which solution has the strongest Return on Investment (ROI) and thus, in which direction you might consider... more

River East, Chicago – The Numbers Are In…

Published Wednesday, December, 5, 2012

I think it’s safe to say that a good thing is worth waiting for. That’s exactly the case with the relighting project at the River East Parking Garage at Navy Pier in Chicago. A call to ECO Parking Lights from the Chicago Impark office back in 2009 alerted the company to a possible lighting project at the large four-level parking... more

Peoria Highlights Retrofits Supplied by ECO Lighting Solutions

Published Wednesday, October, 31, 2012

DCEO Case Study As a way to trim costs, the City Council of Peoria was looking for ways to reduce the energy usage of city buildings. The numerous parking garages in the city provided a great way to start. The Facilities Engineers for the City of Peoria, Steve Myers and Jason Meeks have been steadily checking off energy-saving projects with... more

2012 Projects – So Far…

Published Tuesday, October, 2, 2012

As the 3rd quarter draws to a close, we wanted to update our project list to include our 2012 accomplishments.  With another banner year here at ECO Parking Lights, we are proud to have our fixtures providing a great quality light in parking structures across the country.  To see project highlights of the past 9 months, please click here.

Coming Soon!

Published Thursday, September, 20, 2012

With the highly touted success of our ECO Quad paired with the unmatched quality of the ICETRON system from OSRAM-Sylvania, one might think that we would rest on our laurels for the forseeable future.  Not so at ECO Parking Lights.  To continue with our mission of providing the best possible light at an economic price point, we have worked long... more

ECO Ahead

Published Monday, September, 19, 2011

ECO Ahead A businessman lies sleepless in bed.  He has consulted with others and confided in family, but he remains uncertain.  He’s wrestling with the idea of quitting his sales job after nearly a quarter century working with a  major manufacturer. The businessman, Jeff Pinyot, started the job after graduating from Pitt with and engineering degree in 1982.  Through the... more