About Us

ECO Lighting Solutions (ECO) is an engineering based US manufacturer/distributor of Induction, LED and Remote Phosphor LED lighting products, featuring light engines produced by OSRAM-Sylvania, Philips, CREE and Bridgelux. We recognize that no single technology or product can fulfill the multitude of lighting applications that exist, and therefore we have chosen to build our Company upon diversity and flexibility gained through the use of multiple proven technologies. Furthermore, by providing our advanced energy efficient lighting solutions in either “new” fixtures or as “retrofit” kits into qualified existing housings, we gain the greatest opportunity to economically and efficiently match the right lighting technology with the mission at hand.

Our success has been founded in transitioning nominal lighting projects into “investment vehicles” for the benefit of the end user. This approach is exemplified in our patent-pending FLEX-Tech fixture  which capitalizes upon our proven experiences (including major clients i.e. Texas A&M, UNC Charlotte, The Ohio State University, Indiana University, Indianapolis International Airport, Charlotte  International Airport, City of Frederick MD, etc.), and offers the selection of either Induction, LED, or Remote Phosphor LED as the light engine in the appointed luminaire. This “FLEX” capability allows the client to choose between the most energy efficient and maintenance-free lighting technologies commercially available, with the option to upgrade their selected technology or convert to one of the “others” as price, performance and incentives may warrant over time – all without having to invest additional capital into new fixture.  Savings are easily and immediately realized in O&M and CAPEX, but also in terms of ease, versatility and convenience. The novelty of this approach has allowed us to advance quickly with major clients/projects as the application for this approach is unlimited.

Vertical markets in which ECO is actively involved include parking garage and surface lot, C-store/petroleum, auto dealership, commercial, hospitality, warehousing and transportation. Technological  advancements in form, fit, function, performance and controls separate us from our competition and we aggressively protect our Intellectual Property to insure prominence and value-add to our client.

We understand there are many “teaming opportunities” for your consideration, but we have proven that our “investment vehicle” approach with true domestic manufacturing roots, factory direct sales  approach, up to ten (10) year OEM backed warranty, proven field experience, “turn-key” installation capability, and avoided-cost funding programs will provide you with the best and most comprehensive lighting solution available – placing you dollars and ‘sense’ ahead. For additional information or references & experiences please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website at www.ecolightingsolutions.com