LED Tubes – Making Cents of Them

Published Wednesday, June, 10, 2015

Tube be or not tube be – that is the question! Caveat emptor is a Latin term that means “let the buyer beware.” This term puts the risk on the buyer that a product may fail to meet their performance (and safety) expectations or have inherent defects. In other words, the principle of caveat emptor really serves as a warning... more

Be a DimWatt

Published Tuesday, June, 9, 2015

The best ways to reduce energy use and cost from lighting. You can probably imagine how many times a garage lighting specialist is asked about motion sensors in parking structures. They come up at every trade show and meeting we attend. Some people are passionate about wanting them, and others don’t understand the need. Because it is, at the very... more

Brighter Garage Means Brighter Revenue

Published Monday, June, 8, 2015

This will blow your mind! What if I told you that relighting your parking garage, even if it wasn’t justified by energy and maintenance savings, would still pay for itself? I mean, even if you were to foot the entire bill without any incentives, you would still be justified in a lighting retrofit? How so? Everyone knows by now that... more