ECO Ahead

Published Monday, September, 19, 2011

ECO Ahead A businessman lies sleepless in bed.  He has consulted with others and confided in family, but he remains uncertain.  He’s wrestling with the idea of quitting his sales job after nearly a quarter century working with a  major manufacturer. The businessman, Jeff Pinyot, started the job after graduating from Pitt with and engineering degree in 1982.  Through the... more

Indianapolis International Airport Retrofits Lighting Systems Using Induction

Published Wednesday, September, 7, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS – How many light bulbs does it take to change your carbon footprint by more than 5,200 metric tons per year for the better? Over the next several weeks, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) will finish the last of more than 2,800 lamp replacements in the IND parking garage and Indianapolis Maintenance Center (IMC), resulting in a reduction of... more