Marketing Minute – Manslaughter or Nice Guy?

Published Wednesday, July, 22, 2009

For many years, two customers frequented the office where I previously worked, a father and son routine that had a Mom and Pop-sized plumbing company. John, the father, and Mike, the son, would walk into the office, pass by the front desk and park themselves in Colonel Roby’s office for hours on end talking about such exciting things as refrigerant... more

Green Lighting Can Make You Money

Published Wednesday, July, 1, 2009

It has been said that you never talk religion or politics in business; both are sure to end up with poor results. Well, today, you can add one more category to the “don’t talk about it list”…. global warming! Whether you share my opinions on global warming or not, you can’t argue this: we live on this earth, and we... more